We here at Buffalo's 92 9 Everything That Rocks, want to put a grand in your hand and all you need to do is snap a pic and send it to us on the WBUF APP. Now before your mind gets all 'in the gutter' we are talking about taking a picture of one of the many FREE BEER & HOT WINGS posters, bus signs, and billboards posted up around Western New York as shown as the featured pic of this post.

FREE BEER & HOT WINGS is the newest morning show in Buffalo and is on this very radio station M-F 5-10 am. So to help get the word out we plastered the city with the show's posters. All you need to do is snap a pic and send it to us to GET IN TO WIN $1,000.

That's the easy part. The hard part is how will you spend that cash?

Well, let me help you with 5 things you need to splurge on if you win.

So happy snapping and good luck.


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