Between major cities like New York City, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo, are small towns that truly make up the backbone of New York State.

Here in Western New York, we have some great small towns, but also, some towns with truly unique names.

Cheektowaga is a popular suburb of Buffalo, but to an outsider, it may sound funny. There are also town names nearby that are also names of countries or cities, like Portland, NY or Cuba, NY.

But what are some of the strangest town names in New York State?

Looking through the state, you may be surprised there are quite a lot of odd, strange, bizarre and truly unique town names in the State of New York. Some town names that make you think, "why in the world did they name the town that?"

One of the town names I stumbled across in my time in the Rochester area was the Town of Chili. But it's not pronounced like the food, but rather, "CHY-LIE," which is something I learned when my Rochester-area in-laws corrected me.

What are some other crazy town names in New York?

Here are the top 10 bizarre town names.

10 Most Bizarre Town Names In New York State

The weirdest town names in New York State.

9 Most Underrated Places in New York State

The most underrated places in New York State.

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