At least one institution of higher learning is optimistic about what the Fall will bring concerning students on campus; the athletic department, theatre, and the like. Niagara County Community College (NCCC).

According to WIVB 4, NCCC is looking to have more students in the classrooms and on campus but will still have flexible class schedules and hybrid and virtual classes to accommodate as many people as possible.

This is good news, even if you're not going to school. Let's be honest, this past year or so has felt like a Soap Opera in a lot of ways. Things are happening all the time, but nothing really changes from day to day. Growing up, I hung out with my grandfather, and he loved watching 'Days of Our Lives.' I can still hear the music and the introduction from Macdonald Carey, "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." The biggest takeaway I had from soaps was that you could be away from it and not watch for weeks at a time, but when you came back even though a few minor details changed, Sammi was still caught in a love triangle between Lucas and EJ. Hey...I can't help that little nugget is stuck in my brain. Don't judge me. Too much.

The point is, these past 16 months have felt like being trapped in a soap opera; the days changed and maybe a few minor details, but that was all. So it's good news to see that institutions like NCCC are looking ahead and planning a return to as much as normal as possible.

Combine that with the fact that Shea's Performing Arts Center that shows on their M&T Bank Broadway Series are coming back in September, and at 100% capacity, and it finally feels like we've moved from soap operas to prime time sitcoms. Sure, it's the pilot episode, but give it a few episodes. It'll grow on you.

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