If you are looking for a sweet treat and want one of the best in Western New York, you may want to head to Paula's Donuts.

Paula's "Cannoli donut" was recently named the best donut in Western New York by Food and Wine, in fact, Paula's  "Cannoli donut" was named the best donut in all of New York State.

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Foodandwine.com recently put together a list of the best donut in every state and Paula's "Cannoli donut" was put at the top of the list.

Western New York's favorite doughnut shop had a hit on their hands, selling more than 45,000 of the powdered bismarcks stuffed with cannoli-style filling, resulting in an all-hands-on-deck situation, just to meet the demand.

The "Cannoli Donut" was first introduced to Western New York back in 2019 as a fundraiser during Hospice week and was so poplular that they brought it back full-time.

You can grab your "Cannoli Donut" at any of the three area Paula's donuts locations.


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