Scared Straight was a genius concept decades ago. Take wiseass little kids and let inmates yell at them for hours probably set more than a few kids on the straight and narrow. It probably also provided a ton of mental self-diddling material for the cons to take back to the cell. "Did you see the way the little pudgy one kept staring at my teeth? OH MAN I'M ALMOST THERE! LIGHTS OUT INDEED!"

Instead of bad teens, how about setting straight some bad comics? Comedian J-L Cauvin is the comic ready to set these wanna-be comics straight in a spoof of Scared Straight and a commentary on the people who think themselves the next big thing in stand-up. Scared Straight for comedians should be a thing. It probably would have saved the world from Pauly Shore.

The pay off to the video is unexpected, and true, and sadly I'd watch that dude's YouTube videos religiously if they were real.

J-L has a new album available, it's probably not as much yelling.

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