A lot has changed over the years for The Buffalo Sabres.  They are on their sixth coach now since the Pegulas took over the team.  But one thing has stayed the same.

And it's stayed the same for the last 48 going on 49 years now.

Once again, Rick Jeanneret will be returning to the Buffalo Sabres as the play-by-play man behind the mic.

According to Alan Pergament from the Buffalo News, the 77-year-old will once again sit in the broadcast booth to bring you the big plays from Key Bank Arena.

While he admits in the article that the job is becoming harder every year, he seems optimistic of what this year might bring.

“I enjoy what has happened so far, except for the fact they haven’t made the playoffs in eight years. I still am the ultimate believer. And I think they are very close to being pretty darn good and not that far away from being awfully good.” – Jeanneret

Jeanneret plans to call about half of the games while Dan Dunleavy will cover the others.


Want to roll the highlight film?  Here it is...

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