In case you missed it, this just happened:

I'm not surprised, but I am. The organization had to do something, what with the Sabres god-awful performance this season and all (I won't even touch the last few seasons), but it's still hard to picture anyone else behind the Sabres bench.

Nonetheless, it's done. Lindy Ruff's gone. Which means the question on everyone's mind is: Who is the next Buffalo Sabres head coach?

Allow me to offer my suggestions.

  • Rob Ray

    He's already between the benches, so why not just move him over a little bit?

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  • Chan Gailey

    I mean, he's out of a job.

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  • The Elmwood Bubble Man

    Assistant Coach: The Lady In White, also of Elmwood Avenue fame.

    Angela Stefano
  • Ralph Cox

    A.k.a., the last guy cut from 1980's Team USA (i.e., the 'Miracle' team).

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  • Sabretooth

    He's probably the NHL mascot with the most attitude. You've gotta admire that. Plus, how funny would it be to watch him interact with the players and refs?

  • Ralph Wilson

    ...Although he may only last a few years.

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  • Gordon Bombay

    Emilio Estevez isn't doing anything, right?

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  • Taro Tsujimoto

    Would that make the Sabres Manti Te'o?

  • Happy Gilmore

    While we're talking about fictional people, why not?

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  • Tim Thomas

    As long as the Sabres don't win the Cup while Obama's in office, it's all good.

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  • Matt Barnaby

    Actually, on second thought...

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  • Brett Hull

    JK, JK!

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  • Paul Rene

    Hey, the Bills did it!